Ultrasound Appointment Preparations

Seeing your baby during an ultrasound at any stage will fascinate you and warm your heart. Many moms enjoy 4d sonograms throughout their pregnancy- documenting kicks and smiles to treasure a lifetime and have the perks of sharing the love-filled experience with family and friends. Whether you are visiting our studio for a 4d imaging or gender reveal session, follow the preparations below to obtain the clearest images for your sonogram.

Ultrasound Preparations: Our recommended water intake for most expecting moms is 8-12 8oz. cups per day.  Hydration is important for your pregnancy as the water flushes waste from your cells and aids in liver and kidney function for you and your baby. For the sake of your ultrasounds, drinking lots of water in your pregnancy can maintain good and healthy levels of amniotic fluid. Sound waves from your ultrasound must travel through the amniotic fluid; good levels of amniotic fluid aids in capturing clear images of your baby. Drinking lots of water is especially helpful during your third trimester, when your level of amniotic fluid naturally begins to decrease.  We also recommend bringing along a sweet beverage with you to drink once you arrive to get your little superstar moving for their performance.

Please bring the Name, Phone, and Address for the OB GYN supervising your pregnancy to your appointment. We do not require a referral from your physician as our "gender reveal and 3d ultrasounds" are not a medical procedure, are for your entertainment, and are not intended to diagnose or treat your pregnancy. We encourage discussing our elective ultrasound services with your physician. 

​Your Party: We encourage you to bring 8 family and friends along for your ultrasound appointment.  Please ensure that your party is on-time for your appointment.


Thank you for choosing Clear Image 4D Ultrasound. 

On this page you will find preparation steps and information for your ultrasound appointment.